What do I need for a custom product campaign?

Right now, products other than T-shirts take a little more work. To get started, you'll need an idea of the type of product you'd like to make and approximately how many you think people want to buy, some rough examples of artwork for your product, and an idea about where the proceeds (if any) from your campaign will go.

Most importantly, you'll also need to be willing to work with us. We'll connect you with sourcing partners, work with you to finalize designs, and help you step through all the other creative, legal, logistical, promotional, and financial hoops to make your campaign happen, but we can only help you as much as you'll let us.

To increase your chances of approval, we highly recommend that you seek sourcing partners, assess their interest, define price and shipping costs. We are more likely to leverage our time and resources to assist you if you show you've done as much as you can before proposing an idea to us.

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